Degree: Master of Arts — Clinical Pastoral Therapy

License: Pre-licensed

Hourly Rate: 125

In the midst of life’s challenges, it’s not uncommon to feel like hope is slipping away. It can feel like everything around you is crumbling, and the more you cry out to God the more distant He feels. You Just. Need. Relief. If you find yourself in a place where the light seems dim, know that hope can be rekindled. My approach is tailored to your unique experiences and challenges. I specialize in guiding teens, adults, and couples in difficult times, helping them rediscover hope and wholeness. Whether you’re facing personal setbacks, relationship issues, or the weight of past traumas, I provide a compassionate and judgment-free space to explore your emotions and rebuild a sense of hope. I believe it shouldn’t be so hard to live well. I help you understand where you are now and the issues you face. Together, we plan a map to move forward, giving you real, tangible steps to better your life. I offer an inclusive and compassionate space in person or virtually to suit your schedule. Helping you regain hope for your life is my mission. It might mean learning how to set boundaries, navigate loss or life transition, or help you change a behavior that is keeping you stuck. My goal is to help you live your life to the fullest. Call me today for your free consultation and start your journey to finding hope.

Worthy Counseling

2021 21st Ave S

Primary Phone: (615) 601-1072