Degree: MA in Religion, PhD to come

License: Ordained Care Pastor, pursuing full licensure

I am a Christian music composer and producer who has flourished in the Nashville music industry since 1986. My artist and sacred musical compositions have been presented in six continents. Nine years ago while on a mission trip concert tour with the Christ Church Choir in Japan, I sensed a divine call to more. I soon discerned I was (in this experienced season of life) called to also be a shepherd pastor. In 2018 and after full ordination, I completed an MA in Religion from Lee University. Since the pandemic and the tsunami of mental health issues in our world, I have understood my limit ethically as “only” an ordained minister to walk farther with clients. That frustration led me to the National Christian Counselors Association and their Clinical Pastoral Licensing program through New Life University. In the next year, I should complete the program for full licensure with continued pursuit to a PhD. While still composing music, serving as a part-time pastor, and completing this counseling program, I have yet to discern if I should start my own practice or join an existing practice in the future. I look forward to gaining valuable insights from fellow members! Rev. Russell Mauldin

Seeds Church/Branches Counseling Center

114 Old Radnor Court

Primary Phone: (615) 300-6244