Degree: Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling

License: LPC-MHSP

Hourly Rate: 140

Are you an adolescent or young adult struggling to understand your overwhelming emotions? Are you a parent who is desperate to get your child the resources and help she needs to overcome intense feelings and learn to cope in healthy ways? Contact me and hear how I can help you or your child! I have extensive experience equipping and empowering young people to understand, overcome and adjust to life’s circumstances. I create a safe space to allow individuals to address root issues related to unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns. My desire as your therapist is to create a space for you to feel comfortable being honest with yourself about how you are handling your emotions. Let’s work together to figure out a solution to your everyday struggles in order to live the life God has for you.

5205 Maryland Way

Primary Phone: (205) 937-4711