Licensed Psychologist, HSP (Provisional)
Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology
Licensed Psychologist, HSP (Provisional)
Hourly Rate
100 - 135

Many people come into therapy not knowing why they feel depressed, anxious, frustrated, or “stuck” in life. Others reach out because they are overwhelmed and unsure how to feel better. Through a safe and supportive therapy relationship, I help clients understand more about themselves and how to live a more meaningful life. As your therapist, I will give you space to talk through your concerns and adapt my style to best meet your needs. I will pay special attention to your experiences, beliefs, values, family background, and cultural identity to make sure that therapy is beneficial and respectful to you as a person.

My training in psychodynamic, existential, and cognitive behavioral therapy will help you increase self-awareness and learn how to overcome obstacles. I will help you learn how to manage emotional burdens and support you through the process of healing and feeling whole. Therapy will help you take responsibility for your decisions and make meaningful changes.

If you are wanting to begin therapy, I would be happy to talk with you to determine if I'm a good fit to be your counselor. If not, we can discuss other options that could better meet your needs. No matter what concerns are bringing you in, I look forward to being able to help you navigate a path forward so that you can live a more fulfilling life.

The Child and Family Counseling Center
1604 Westgate Cir,
Suite 220
(615) 802-6493