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NAACC meets at Noon on the third Friday of the month. Sessions are now hybrid (in person and online). Join us in person at The Village Chapel, 2021 21st Ave S. Nashville 37212. Join us online on Zoom. Continuing Education Units are available. -- $10 for current NAACC members and $15 for non-members. For Zoom and CEU info, click on event tab below. Questions? Email us at naaccnashville@gmail.com
  • Sept. 17, 2021. Restoring the Meaning to Christian Words for Therapeutic Purposes by Chip Dodd Ph.D

    Friday, September 17, 2021

    Many words, such as obedience and authority, have lost their original emotional and spiritual attraction because of our need for control and our fear of vulnerability. During this teaching time, Dr. Dodd will present a philological study of significant words that restore their therapeutic benefit for relational healing with oneself, others, and God. Drawing from his decades of clinical experience and his Christian life, Dr. Dodd will present a path for easy integration of the clinical and Christian life.

    Session Objectives
    1. Attendees will understand the meaning of words that have been poorly understood for generations;
    2. Attendees will be able to see how these words present a unified experience that has emotional and relational benefit for both the therapist and clients; and
    3. Attendees will be able to utilize the relational, healing power of these words to empower clients.

    Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88407711107?pwd=Um1zR2hJRGJZSGgybCt1Y3N0MTRGU

    Meeting ID: 884 0771 1107 Passcode: 545346

    CEU credit is available. $10 for NAACC member, $15 for non-NAACC member.

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